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Majestic installs granite countertops in Oviedo Fl.

Oviedo is a city in Seminole County, Florida, United States. With a population over 33,000 Oviedo is a beautiful is part of the Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford Metropolitan Area.


n the late 1870s, individuals living a couple miles south of Lake Jesup needed an easily accessible post office in the Florida back country. Andrew Aulin, an early settler and shop-owner, decided to file paperwork for a post office; in his first site location report he needed a unique name, one that no other post office in Florida had. Aulin liked having a Spanish name, "to go with the Spanish name of the state," and decided to name his post office location Oviedo after the Oviedo city —Asturias capital, in northern Spain— and Oviedo University. Some say he visited the University, others say he just liked the sound, most agree he likely pronounced it "Oh-vee-Ay-Doh" rather than the Americanized way of "Oh-VEE-doh." (credit wikipedia)


Granite Slab floor.

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