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Majestic is proud to install granite, marble and Quartz in Lake Nona Fl.

Lake Nona is proud of it's Sustainability Programs


At Lake Nona, sustainability isn’t a word we take lightly. It’s thinking that’s essential to the community. We’ve planned one seriously large-scale development—getting the balance right between the environment and those who live, learn, work and play here is paramount to making sure it lasts long into the future.


For starters, as part of a Primary Conservation Network, over 40% of Lake Nona has been left as open green space—untouched, conserve or enhanced park areas with recreational facilities, including 44 miles of paved and unpaved trails.


Homes at Lake Nona’s Laureate Park are designed in conjunction with the Environments For Living® program—a program that assists builders in constructing more energy-efficient structures through the use of principles of building science. This equates to lower utility bills and less water usage for residents.


And during the evening hours, much of Lake Nona is lit up with LED lighting, which helps the community as a whole conserve electricity. (credit: city of Lake Nona)

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